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Company name:

Nexin Technology s.r.o.


Address:  Páričkova 24,
   821 08  Bratislava 2
   Slovak Republic





Nexin Technology


The Short History

The origin of Nexin Technology s.r.o. is closely connected with the development of Slovak capital market after 1994.

The trading technology, growing number of transactions and the system of dematerialized securities generated increasing requirement for back office and other connected that was not maintainable without introduction of information systems. Some companies solved this problem by purchasing and localization of foreign systems, others like Prva paroplavebná stepped into the way of in house development. The international systems slowly „lost their breath“, it was not possible to follow the frequent legislative and technical changes in Slovakia. And many companies stopped their in-house system development – the BROKER era arrived.  The secret of the success is in introducing a concept of „client account“ as a base for the whole software „puzzle“. The outstanding value to price ratio of BROKER, continuous development, flexible service and maintenance dominated the market of brokerage firms and with exemption of some Bank software solutions having modules supporting securities trading services, BROKER becomes the only system on the market. The need to serve the BROKER customers leaded to foundation of Nexin Technology s.r.o. in 1996.

Our Approach

The success of BROKER has been based in the exact evaluation of the market needs. It has never become a box- software, but a living concept. On the development are daily participating more than 20 employees of the future users that are using the system on the daily base. Mutual partnership of users and providers enables to this collective brain to generate new ideas that are subsequently integrated into the system. To increase our capabilities of quick development. We invested into our in-house development technologies, which enable us to generate new advanced versions very quickly.  Thanks to it between the implementation of  a new module follows only days after the first analysis works. 3 experienced programmers with 16 years of database experience and 2 analysts with 10 years experience from the capital market work for us.

Our users value the quality of services and the safety of operation. It is based on the implementation and installation simplicity and support of a simple restoring of the data. 

  • From our experience we learned to avoid unnecessary effects and not proven technologies. We value over all the functionality and the simplicity.
  • We are trying to minimize the total costs, that means not only the purchasing price but over all the operating costs.
  • We understand, that the decision about the success of a software falls even before the first line of the code is written. The key is in empathy into the needs of the future users.


Nexin Technology s.r.o. focuses at database applications using the Visual FoxPro development environments using the SQL technologies. To it we add "In House" developed code generators for generating applications, screens and reports. Although the platform of FoxPro is not the „discovery of the day“ we have chosen it with respect to the cost of the users. The implementation does not require the purchase of a runtime by the user and the data are stored in the most spread and utilized format. The technology supports extensive crypting and data access control features.

List of selected References

For full list see 


ING Bank N.V., pobočka zahraničnej banky

OTP Banka Slovensko, a.s.

HVB Bank Slovakia, a.s.

Poštová banka, a.s.

Dexia banka Slovensko, a.s.


Asset Management Companies

AIG Funds Central Europe, správc. spol, a.s.

OTP ASSET MANAGEMENT, správ. spol, a.s.

ISTRO ASSET MANAGEMENT správ. spol, a.s.


Insurance companies

First American Slovak Insurance Company - Prvá americko-slovenská poisťovňa a.s./AMSLICO/


Brokerage (ISD) firms


ING Baring Securities (Slovakia), o.c.p., a.s.

GASFIN, a.s., o.c.p.

INVEST BROKERS, o.c.p., a.s. (Penta Groups, a.s.)

J&T Securities (Slovakia), a.s., o.c.p.

Prvá paroplavebná, o.c.p., a.s.

SEVISBROKERS, o.c.p.,a.s

V BROKERS, o.c.p., a.s.




Národný úrad práce

Ústredie práce, sociálnych vecí a rodiny (National Bureau of Labor)


Nexin Technology





The description of the system for administration of open and closed fund management compliant to the governing Collective Investment Act in Slovakia.

The basic description:

The system serves the asset management company with the basic funds administration tools. The system is divided into two modules (the description of functionality below)



-          sales of shares to investors

-          administration of sales documents

-          calculation of entry and exit fees

-          investors account administration

-          administering incoming and outgoing payments and their matching with client requests

-          processing of home banking data (exports and imports)

-          management of distribution networks with hierarchic fees calculation

-          management of saving programs

-          export and import operations supporting distant of line clients or branch networks

-          issuance of shares and shares certificates

-          calculating the number of outstanding fees

-          distribution of fund yields to shareholders

-          redemption of share certificates

Fund manager

-          management of funds portfolios

-          management of individual client portfolios

-          setting of investment limits and limits following

-          valuation of financial instruments

-          valuation of portfolios

-          trade profit/loss calculation using average prices or FIFO method

-          back office operations

-          unsettled trades receivables/liabilities record keeping

-          calculation of management and depository fees

-          exports for accounting (on request)

-          imports from data vendors

-          reports

Service tools

-          data restoring and archive tools

-          program and data integrity testing

-          help line

-          authors service through the lifecycle of the program for maintenance service subscribers